Customers profile

Parambariyam is one of the fast growing online shopping platform for cold pressed oil established in September 2016. It deals with variety of cold pressed oils, honey, palm jaggery & ghees.

Business Situation

Parambariyam was yet to be developed as an online cold pressed oil store. They wanted us to get a domain name selected, website built, marketed. Lets see how webnexs helped in getting their goals achieved.


Webnexs helped Parambariyam in building its website with some elemental designs & features. Built e-commerce store, integrated payment systems, did with volume based shipments for profitable shipment tracking etc. Updating its content often helps it to get ranked. Webnexs also aids Parambariyam with digital promotions to get increased sales & traffic.

Parambariyam steadily grows with webnexs as its online & web development partner. Webnexs joined hands with Parambariyam over a year ago & we are very happy to see them grow phenomenally with our services.

Parambariyam is now one of the fast growing organic products industry with products such as cold pressed oils, honey, jaggery & ghee in their organic store. Parambariyam is developed with features that aid in optimising the page ranking as well to give user a pleasant shopping experience.

The vital strength of Parambariyam is the advanced technology used to build it combined with impressive designs to meet the customer’s expectations.

Webnexs & Parambariyam

Parambariyam is now partnering with Webnexs for developing their advanced systems like intranet, multi-warehousing systems to handle its operations. Keeping future in mind we designed & developed them with the most promising technologies available. Putting in our sincere efforts & analyzing every aspect with our business development executive parambariyam is successful and growing positively with 300% growth YOY.

Impact on the business

With webnexs standing aside Parambariyam, it has grown stronger as one of the trusted online store for Cold Pressed Oil in South India.

It almost gained more than 130,000 customers within a year, 500,000USD turnover and a whole new profitable business venture in a very shorter time.