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VOD platform

Flicknexs is an all-in-one fully managed Video On Demand and Live Streaming Solution that provides a white label solution to stream your audio and video content to every device. Flicknexs adopts monetization models - SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and Pay-Per-View.

Flicknexs helps in providing a customized solution that matches your business model and target audience: no coding or separate IT teams are required to manage the platform.

Why Should You Go With Video On Demand (VOD) Services?

Flicknexs's VOD & Live Streaming Script can be used to implement a variety of business ideas/ models. Webnexs provides you with an end to end custom made solution with full control over your content.

By choosing Flicknexs, you are, by default, provided with a Website, Mobile Application, Product Support, Video Player, and In-depth Video Analytics. As a result, Flicknexs will be a catalyst in achieving your media content strategy's desired goal.

webnexs VOD

Flexible Revenue Models


Transactional Model(TVOD)

Audiences pay only for the content they watch using Electronic Sell Through (EST) or Download To Rent (DTR). Viewers can have permanent access to the content by using EST or can view the video content for a limited period by adopting the DTR method.

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Subscription Models

Subscription Model (SVOD)

This model allows the content creator to charge the user either monthly, semi-annually, or annually. SVOD has become a prevalent trend in recent times, and this model has been adopted widely in the industry.

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Near Video On Demand

Pay Per View (PPV)

In this model, you have to pay a fee for each show you want to watch on the desired channel. This model sets in value for individual contents. The user can set different values for subscribers and non-subscribers.

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Advertising video on demand

Advertisement Model (AVOD)

Just like your traditional television, Flicknexs interlaces advertisements into the content. In most cases, Users can insert ads into the content pre/mid/post-roll. Users can also pay a pre-specified amount to avoid disruptions while viewing the video.

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Catch-up TV

OTT Platform

As the trend and technology grows you can now Stream your video content in any platform like Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, Airtel Xtream and more devices.

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Push video on demand

Push VOD

Push video on demand solution as the name indicates; pushes the content to viewers Set-Top-box in regular intervals or as and when demand arises, even the viewer hasn't requested for.

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Why is Flicknexs the best?

Get your tailor-made 'On Demand & Live Streaming Video Solution' with our customized video player, per your requirement that supports on-demand content over every device.

Customized Video Player

Flicknexs video processing algorithm applies an adaptive bitrate algorithm, which drastically improves the client's performance by streaming video with multiple bitrates.

Adaptive Bitrate

The audience can preview a small sequence of videos through thumbnail by hovering over.

Video Hover

Protect your content from piracy and denial of service attack by using state of the art security measures like HLS AES-128 encryption, RTMP stream encryption, and DRM copyright protection.

Content Security

Flicknexs allows the audience of the platform to create shelves to treasure their favorite videos.

Custom Playlist

This functionality causes the video to play automatically without the need for action from the user.

Auto Play

Resume your video from where you left off. Get a pleasant and hassle-free video watching experience.

Hasslefree Playing

Build rock-solid marketing plans with real-time analytics provided by flickness. The visual analytics dashboard helps you to see changes immediately and take action. You can always export the analytical data for further inference.

In-depth Analytics

Video on Demand supports playback on almost any device. You can stream content to your audience in any medium from one source file secured via DRM. Webnexs's VOD provides the same interface for the application throughout the devices.

Multi-Device Support

Scale up to virtually unlimited size with multi-server installations. Use our Media Cache Kit to capture content from centralized storage to edge servers securely.

Upscale Your Video Streaming

Flicknexs allows Server-Side Playlist functionality to easily create Mobile TV, WebTV, or IPTV/OTT Linear streaming channels. Our VOD Service allows switching broadcasts to create a playlist featuring their favorite recorded streams one by one.

Create a Custom Playlist

Stream Audio & Video Content
Like Netflix and Hotstar with Flicknexs

Benefits Of Flicknexs

Reduce operating costs while expanding the multimedia capacity towards your global market reach mission, reduces server bandwidth & significant load from the server with WebRTC allowing you to focus on the core of the business without more significant infrastructure overhead.

Never worry about the increasing number of viewers, You can accommodate increasing load of simultaneous viewers without changing the current infrastructure or by adding addon servers.

It is a user-friendly platform with no coding skills required to publish content; Flicknexs takes care of most of the tasks.

Our solution helps you increase loyalty among your viewers by maximizing user engagement and content viewing time, thereby increasing revenue. Ad Insertions, Polls are add-ons you can avail additionally.

Benefits of webnexs VOD