VOD platform
VOD platform

State of the Art Live Streaming Solution with capabalities spanning across platforms to deliver cutting edge live performance. Stream to 1000's Concurent viewers with reduces latency. Give your audiences the best adaptive bitrate, the reduces the load on the server and stream faster on slow speed network.

Why Should You Choose Webnexs Live?

Webnexs is a fully scalable end to end tailor-made live streaming solution, streaming high definition at ease with the help of the cutting edge content deliver networks(CDN). With Webnexs, you can reach millions of your audiences and followers effortlessly and embed your live stream anywhere on the internet, giving you great optionsto broadcast your content. A low latancy video streaming algorithm lets you operate hasslefree without the need for any professional mainteneces.

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Live Streaming Solutions For All

Broadcasting Solutions

Broadcasting Solutions

Broadcast your events live and increase your brand reach at ease. Experience flawless. Experience flawless live-streaming for your upcoming events with our professional services. Connect with your viewers on any device at any time.



Live streaming all your educational events, including lectures, presentations,orientation-meeting, students on-boarding, graduation-ceremony, sport events and many more without any interruptations. Grep the momentum and get yourself switching online classes, reaching your students right from where your students right from where your are without any extra measures.



With Webnexs's live streaming solution, you can conduct workshops and organize training events to reach all employees in different locations. Scalable high definition video streaming allows you to perform enterprise streaming events; everthing is available under one roof.



It helps stream & monitor everthing from local roads to planetary orbits. Webnexs allow you to connect in full transparency with your community during events such as political compaigns, public announcements, journalist meetings, town hall meetings, or any 24/7 monitoring systems that need to be streamed securely.

Live Events

Live Events

Let your famouse events get broadcasted on the web and reach the ever-growing fanbase for web entertainment. Webnexs easy user interface allows you to either upload existing videos and stream it or live stream continuously.

Sports Events

Sports Events

You can integrate your live stream with a scorecard-push integrated into Webnexs. Live stream athletes interviews, press conferenece, sports matches, and significant announcements on any device.

Religious Organization

Religious Organization

Reach your broad set of followers through Webnexs; numerous churches are using Webnexs live to reach their millions of followers across the country. Webnexs helps in spreading positivity and hope through technology.

Streaming Service Provider

Streaming Services Provider

Webnexs helps service providers tano create industry-grad streaming services. Deliver your customer with high definition content,streamline your content to any device which is currently available.

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Why is Webnexs
The Best Streaming Solution?

webnexs supports advertising options for live streaming. You can earn from your content in a jiffy.

Customized Video Player

Get real-time analytics from Webnexs, scale your business to the next level with the help of the data. Webnexs offer various analytical data, including Concurrent Viewers, New Viewers, Data Consumed, Average Watch Time, etc.

In-Depth Analytics

Get instant live stream reports. These metrics help you analyze the overall stream quality and performance. Few of these metrics include Stream health, Buffering ratio, Viewer Count, and many more.

Broadcast Monitoring

Webnexs allow you to add multiple input sources, including live videos, audios, and graphic overlays into the stream.

Unlimited Input Sources

High latency can result in delayed delivery of the video and many other technical issues. Our state of the art video servers delivers content in the most optimal way to the users, which results in low latency and enhanced user experience.

Low Latency

This term might sound a bit geeky, but what it does is that it automatically adjusts the stream quality when your internet speed drops or fluctuates. The adaptive bit rate eases the load on the server resulting in a better viewing experience.

Adaptive Bit Rate

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